Get started with the Plume WiFi app
This article is for subscribers of FTC Smart WiFi powered by Plume® and provides instructions on how to begin using the Plume app. As part of this flow, you will create an account with Plume.

  • 1. Download and install the Plume app on your mobile device.
    Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Plume app, go ahead and tap the app icon to open Plume.
  • 2. Tap Sign In as indicated in this screenshot
  • 3. Tap Forgot password?
  • 4. Enter your email address and tap Reset password.
  • 5. Plume will send a link to the provided email that will allow you to customize your Plume account password. Tap Open email app to open the default email app on your device.
  • 6. Open your email and tap Reset password.
  • 7. Enter the password you want for your Plume account and tap Submit.
  • 8. Tap Log In to Plume and then tap Open.
  • 9. Enter your email and password, then tap Sign In to begin getting the most out of your C Spire Smart WiFi subscription.
Learn more about Plume and its features: