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SNAP stands for “Single Network Access Point,” and is an advanced technology that allows you to receive all of your Franklin Telephone services, including Local Phone, High Speed Internet and Digital Cable TV over one line and on one convenient bill!
No, you are not required to subscribe to all three services.
Standard telephone, Internet and/or Cable TV installation charges apply for new customers, or for Franklin Telephone customers that request an upgrade in service. There may be additional labor charges due for work requested beyond the standard setup.
The standard equipment setup includes setup and testing of one router, up to two set-top boxes, one computer setup for Internet access, and one additional outlet, if necessary. Time spent for items other than these will be billed at the current hourly labor rate.
We do require all customers sign a service agreement to confirm the items ordered and review all of the terms and conditions related to the use of each SNAP service.
No, we do not currently offer an equipment lease option. However, with approved credit, we can charge your account in three equal monthly installments for any router, set-top box and/or equipment setup charges for no extra fee.
You will arrange a convenient appointment time with customer service at the time you request the service. Depending on previous service requests already logged, we will attempt to schedule all installations within 5 business days of the request. The installation on the premises will take anywhere from two to four hours for most locations, but can vary widely depending upon additional ordered services and the wiring currently present in the structure.
Yes, there are various warranties provided by the equipment manufacturer. All equipment provided or sold to you will be replaced at no cost to you within the manufacturer’s warranty period as provided by their warranty documents. Additionally, Franklin Telephone offers a maintenance contract for your convenience and peace of mind to cover the equipment past the warranty period and/or the wiring used inside the home. See the Terms and Conditions for more information.
No, a set-top box is not required for every television. The set-top box can provide video for up to 2 televisions simultaneously. One would be the main television area where the remote would control the channel and the second television would be a “copycat” television that will always show the same channel that is being displayed on the main television.
The advanced technology used to transport all of the necessary information streams over one line into your home or business requires the video signals to be scrambled and condensed. The set-top box is required to descramble the video signals before they reach your television. Televisions are currently not equipped or available with this descrambling capability built-in. You may purchase an infrared wireless remote transmitter that will allow you to change channels on the set-top box from another room where a “copycat” television may exist. We can help you with this, and other options, when you call to request service.
With current technology, a maximum of three set-top boxes can be used, depending on your location. We encourage you to call us to see which SNAP services you can receive, and how many set-top boxes we can provide you.
Absolutely! You can check your email right on our home page at by clicking on the “Check your e-mail” button.
Contact your local Franklin Telephone office at 1-877-422-1212.
Contact your local Franklin Telephone office at 1-877-422-1212.