How to put a person or device in time out
Plume gives you the ability to freeze or pause internet access on a device for up to 30 minutes through the Time Out feature.

  • 1. Navigate to the device or person whose internet access you would like to pause.
  • 2. Tapping the Time Out button once will enable a time out for 15 minutes. If enabled on a person, any device associated with the person is subject to the setting.
  • 3. Tapping the button a second time will extend the timeout to 30 minutes. A third tap will end the timeout.

What you will see When internet access on a device is frozen, it will not be able to access content. If you try to load an HTTP site, you will be redirected to the captive portal screen. If it is an HTTPS site, however, the page will simply timeout or display a message that the site cannot be reached.